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What You Learn

Adventure Foundation offers a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the thrill of adventure. It is initiation into the unexpected, a chance to accomplish something exciting and discover strengths you never knew you had. Additionally, the Foundation provides education in wilderness skills and working effectively with others.

The sills you must learn in order to safely negotiate the terrain, climate and altitude in which our courses are offered include:

  • Fundamental safety considerations for travel over rigorous terrain;
  • How to pack a pack
  • Physical fitness
  • Competence with map and compass. Route selection and Navigation;
  • Rope use and knot tying;
  • Basic first aid so that every student can handle reasonable emergencies and recognize illness and injuries related to altitude, hypothermia and fatigue;
  • Rescue preparedness;
  • River rafting or river crossing skills;
  • Rock climbing, belaying, repelling;
  • Safe travel across various terrain features;
  • Camp craft including low-impact camping ecological considerations, hygiene and sanitation and wilderness cooking;
  • Water purification;
  • Care of equipment, ropes, clothing, packs, boots;
  • Safety form storms and lightning.

You Also Become Immersed In:

    Leadership Training: This is ongoing and constantly on the agenda. Every venturer is expected to assume responsibility for leadership during at least one primary activity.

    Working as a Team: Anyone who has ever graduated from an AFP course will tell you about the wonderful friendships that result from sharing adventures and adversities, frustration and fun. As members of a patrol, students grow close, resolve differences and develop mutual respect. By the end of your course, you will have built new relationships based on minimizing shortcomings and maximizing strengths.

    The Spirit of Adventure: Adventure is a value that works its way into the very fabric of your being. The challenging activities you undertake on daily basis, the enthusiasm and vitality shown by your instructors and the inspirational stories and discussions at the end of each day radically alter your tolerance of the status quo. Your sights are raised to new heights of performance.

    Group Process: Helping members of your patrol deal with hardship is no trivial affair. It requires you to call upon patience, compassion and faith in your patrol mates. AFP firmly believes that every student can complete the course and we make every effort to help students realize this potential.

    Daily Journal Writing: Journals are supplied to encourage a record of changing and developing perceptions of the world close at hand and far away. Special journals may be encouraged on solo.

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