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Mountain Environment Courses

Gives practical training in basic techniques of mountaineering including rock climbing and ice climbing, rope work and covers mountain search and rescue operations. Elevations up to 6000 meters may be achieved. Some experience in wilderness travel is preferred. Essential for Camp Counsellors and Wilderness Guides and Mountain Liaison Officers to qualify for certification.

Courses (Click on the Course Name for Details)
Young Alpine Mountaineering Kaghan 10 Days Y 10-12
Intensive Alpine Mountaineering Passu (Hunza) 15 Days A 10-12
Rock Climbing Basic Khanpur 03 Days C/Y 8-10
Rock Climbing Intensive Khanpur/Kohistan 03 Days Y/A 8-10
Mountain Liaison Officers Course Kaghan/Shogran 07 Days A 20

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