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Nature Exploration

The spirit of Adventure that is so much alive in hte young is offered very little in our country to nourish upon and expend. Physical endeavor in close proximity of Mother Nature in all her moods is always an exhilarating experience, and life-out-of-doors cultivates all that is wholesome in us. Why then, do we deny our young people the most simulating form of education and character development? It cannot be for lack of response from the youth, nor is it now because of inadequacy of proper know-how and organization.

The Young Explorers Division of Adventure Foundation of Pakistan with its fund of experience is determined to render valuable service in this cause by offering guided opportunities to the eager youth of Pakistan. Go where there is fun and adventure, the appreciation of wilderness beauty and good fellowship.

Courses (Click on the Course Name for Details)
Nature Study Camp for Children Lahore/Islamabad 1 Night / 2 Days C -
Indus Boat Safari Lahore 4 Nights / 5 Days Y/A 10 and above
Texila Exploration Trip Islamabad 1 Night / 2 Days C/Y/A 20 and above
Bird Watching & Historical Exploration in salt range Lahore/Islamabad 2 Nights / 3 Days C/Y/A 15 and above
Silk Route Adventure Tour Islamabad 9 Days Y/A 15-24
Cholistan Desert Safari Lahore 4 Nights / 5 Days Y/A 10-15
Deosai Nature Expedition Islamabad 09 Days Y/A 12-15
Backpacking Expeditions Northern Area 10 Days C/Y/A 15 and above
Trek to Tilla Jogian & Rohtas Fort Lahore/Islamabad 4 Nights / 5 Days Y/A 12-20
Adventure trail to Fairy Meadows Islamabad/Abbottabad 8 Days A 12
Summer Nature Study Camp at Ayubia Islamabad 5 Days C/Y 12-20
Bird Watching Lahore/Islamabad Half/Full Day C/Y/A 12-20

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