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Indus Boat Safari

River Indus, 3200 Kilometers in length, is the third longest river in Asia. This is the river, whose fertile plains are providing food for a countless people ever since the Harappans devised the world's first large scale agrarian civilization nearly 5000 years ago. Even today Indus supports the largest irrigation network in the world. On this Boat Safari you will travel down the river from Taunsa barrage on a traditional fishing and cargo boat whose design resemble those of Alexander the Great. viewing the rural life of the peasants of Punjab and keeping track of innumerable species of birds that stop by their north-south migratory patterns. There is also a possibility to come across the unique fresh water Blind Indus Dolphin. Open to all 18 years and above.

Schedule of Course (4 Days - Fee Rs. 3,600/-)
IB-05 Jan 04-07 16+ 12
IB-06 Feb 08-11 16+ 12
IB-07 Mar 08-11 16+ 12
IB-08 Nov 22-25 16+ 12
IB-09 Dec 20-24 16+ 12

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