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Texila Exploration Trip

Taxila is one of the most important archaeological treasures of subcontinent, and was once an important city of the Kingdom of Gandhara. The history of Taxila spans over 1000 years (516 BC to 600 AD). It was invaded by Alexander the Great and passed on to other rulers until finally in the hands of Ashoka the great who moulded the city into a centre of learning. this tour will expose the hidden grandeur of the forgotten civilization of Ghandhara and its connections, some of which still exist and are a link between ancient and modern times. Open to all aged 12 years and above.

Schedule of Course (2 Days - Fee Rs. 1,050/-)
TE-10 Jan 12-13 14-15/16-17 20
TE-11 Feb 09-10 14-15/16-17 20
TE-12 Mar 09-10 18+ 20
TE-13 Dec 07-08 18+ 20

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