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Bird Watching & Historical Exploration in Salt Range

The Salt Range comprises of two rows of low lying rugged hills that run east to west between the Soan and the Jhelum rivers from the Grand Trunk Road near Jhelum city to the Indus river near Kalabagh. This area is said to record 6000 million years of earth's history. Its name comes from the vast deposits of rock salt exposed and mined at Khewra. The rock salt was left behind when the sea which extended over the Indus plains and Potohar Plateau evaporated 600 million years ago. Rock and fossils found in the Salt Range provide a complete rocord of history of the earth. The layers of rock in the range have been tipped vertically and in some places are even inverted, so that the older fossil-strewn layers now lie on the surface. The tour will take you to Khewra, the largest Salt Mines in the world, the fort and temple of Hindus Shahia period (8-10 century AD) at Katas and Malot and the beautiful lakes at Kallar Kahar, Uchali, Khabaki and Jhalar, Which attract thousands of migratory birds every year. This tour will also give you a chance to have close look at the typicla vilalge lifestyle of Northern Punjab. Open to all 12 years and above.

Schedule of Course (3 Days - Fee Rs. 1,800/-)
SR-10 Jan 25-27 14-15 20
SR-11 Feb 22-24 14-15 20
SR-12 Mar 22-24 14-15 20
SR-13 Oct 25-27 14-15 20
SR-14 Nov 15-17 14-15 20
SR-15 Nov 22-24 14-15 20

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