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Backpacking Expeditions

Independence, responsibility, achievement, fun... these qualities and more are the essence of our backpacking expeditions, you will be young people of your own age group years old as you explore the mountain valleys you have dreamed about. The wilderness of Pakistan's Northern areas will be unlike any classroom you have ever experienced with its fresh air and fresh opportunities.

You will learn skills like Hiking, Camping Route Finding and Navigation, how to get along with your group or how to be a leader even when you are following. Whatever option you choose, you can count on learning the skills you can take from wilderness to form the expedition of life. Open to all 18 years and above.

Schedule of Course
Thandiani to Nathiagali Trek TB-01 May 23-26 4 Days 16+ 1800.00
Nanga Parbat Base Camp Trek NB-03 Jun 09-16 8 Days 18+ 5200.00
Musa Ka Musalla Trek MB-02 Jun 20-23 4 Days 16+ 1900.00
Kachikani Pass Trek KB-01 Jul 06-14 9 Days 18+ 5500.00
Naltar Pass Trek NB-02 Jul 20-28 9 Days 18+ 5200.00
Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek RB-02 Aug 03-10 8 Days 18+ 4900.00
Deosai Plains Trek DB-02 Aug 11-18 8 Days 16+ 5200.00

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