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Eco-Tours, on one hand, help in generating awareness of ones natural heritage while on the other, they provide captivating journeys full of adventure and panoramic views of natural beauty.

Click Here to EnlargeAt an elevation of about 8000 feet above sea-level, Ayubia National Park is located between Pakistan's most popular hill stations, Murree and Nathiagali. Superb scenery, pine forests, covered mountain slopes, clear water streams and lots of wild flowers and colorful butterflies combine together to provide an enchanting experience.

A visit to Quetta is incomplete without a trip to Ziarat. Situated 76 miles (3 hours by car) from Quetta, at an altitude of 8400 feet above sea level, Ziarat is a holiday resort amidst one of the largest and oldest Juniper forests in the world. It is said that some of the Juniper trees are as old as 5000 years. Nature walks and treks amongst these majestic forests is another memorable experience.

The Salt Range of Pakistan comprises of two rows of low Click Here to Enlargelying rugged hills that run east to west between the Soan and Jhelum rivers from the Grand Trunk Road, near Jhelum city to the river Indus, near Kalabagh. This area is said to record 600 million years of Earth's history. The rocks and fossils found around the salt range provide a complete record of the history of Earth. You can take an eco-tour to Khewra, the largest salt mines in the world, the fort and temples of Hindu Shahi period (8-10 century A.D) at Katas and Malot and the beautiful lakes at Kalar Kahar, Uchali, Khabaki and Jhalar which atrract thousands of migratory birds each year.

Click Here to EnlargeEco-tours developed to witness the Marine Turtles and Mangrove Forests provide an instilling experience to all nature enthusiasts. A drive to the beaches of Hawks Bay and Sandspit (near Karachi) is one of the greatest sources of pleasure to a nature lover. This unique tour will take you to the shores of the Karachi coast where 'Green Turtle' and 'Olive Ridley' are found during the nesting seasons on the beaches of Hawks Bay and Sandspit. During autumn, after the monsoons when the sea is calmer tourists may sit quietly on the beach on a moonlit might and watch to see the turtles come up and lay their eggs and leave them in the enclosing warmth of the soft sand for the heat of the sun to incubate till young hatchlings emerge and scramble to the sea. One may also take a tour to Somiani Bay Mangrove Forest that is the breeding ground for fish and shrimps and home to many resident and migratory birds.

On the whole these experiences may develop a sense of respect and love of nature blended with exotic scenes from the epic mother nature movie.

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