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Hiking / Trekking

Stretching North from the Arabian Sea, the plains of Pakistan culminate in the lush valleys of Dir , Swat and Kaghan. Beyond lie the great Northern valleys of Chitral, Gilgit, Hunza and Baltistan. Hunza is an ideal for mountaineering, trekking and hiking. Click Here to EnlargeMost parts of Hunza offer an awe-inspiring view of Rakaposhi (7,788 metres). The snows of Rakaposhi glitter in the moonlight, producing an atmosphere of ethereal magnetism. Further North, lies the Karakorum and Hindukush ranges shaping the western extension of the Himalayas.

The land in these Northern valleys is best described as a mountainous desert. During winter, heavy snow separate the valleys from winter, heavy snow separate the valleys from the rest of the world of six months. In the summer, temperatures over 100 degrees are common. In Skardu, one is immediately struck by the juxta - position of sand dunes and snow-capped peaks. All these beautiful valleys mentioned above make Pakistan really trekker's paradise.

Click Here to EnlargeOne of the most popular trek is the Baltoro trek which ends up at Concordia. Concordia is the point where all the Glaciers coming from K-2, Broad-peak, and Gasherbrum-IV meet and flow down towards Paiju peak, like a highway. Nowhere in the world one can witness four 8000 meter peaks in such a small radius. They are K-2, Broad peak, Gasherbrum-I and Gasherbrum-II. On this trek, besides these 8000 meter giants one can enjoy the scenarios of Masherbrum, Muztagh towers, Chogolisa, Baltoro Cathedrals and numerous other peaks. Amongst the other popular treks there are Biafo-Hisper trek, Nanga Parbat trek, Rakaposhi trek, Trichmir trek, and countless other trekking routes. There are still certain areas in Pakistan yet to be explored and this virgin land is waiting to be explored.

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