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Horseback Riding

Horse and Pony Safaris or trekking experiences constitutes another important and relishing adventure in Pakistan. Some very special journeys on horse back include crossing the Deo-Sai plains, Shandur Pass and the Kaghan Valley.

Click Here to EnlargePony trekking from Luspur to Shandur Pass, from Shandur Pass to Teru camp and from the Tero village to Handrab Lake are journeys full of exotic landscapes and superb atmosphere. Pony trekking to the base of Nanga Parbat, from Tarshing to Gorikot, from Gorikot to Godai and from Godai to Chilam offer wonderfull adventurous trips for horse riding enthusiasts.

During these short horseback journeys one may cherish and relish the calm, clear and serene environment of Pakistan's Northern Areas. Other horseback experiences can be achieved in the Murree and Galliyat region, located near Islamabad. All in All, these joruneys have gained alot of appreciation from tourists.

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