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Click Here to EnlargeFor anything to do with mountains, there is no better place than Pakistan. The lofty mountain ranges of Karakoram, Hindukush and Himalayas offer great opportunities for mountaineering and trekking, which are unparalleled in the world. A large number of climbers and trekkers visit these high mountains each year.

There are 120 peaks, some unclimbed and unamed with an average height of 21,490 feet. These include some of the highest in the world like the K-2 (28,250 feet) next only to the Everest, Nanga Parbat (26,660 feet) and Gasherbrum-I (26,470 feet). The area has been a magnet for mountaineers from all over the world since 19th century. Everyday more and more mountaineering expeditions come to Pakistan.

Rock Climbing

Click Here to EnlargePakistan is well known for high altitude climbing but not many people come for Rock climbing. Pakistan in fact has equal opportunity for Rock climbing as well. The Trango Towers in Baltoro area are well known all over the world. Besides Trango Towers, Kondus valley in Khaplu area come become paradise for rock climbers.

There are numerous untouched rock faces in the Karakoram, Himalaya and Kindukush ranges of Pakistan which are ideal for rock climbers.

Ice Climbing

The high mountains of Northern Areas and Chitral have numerous ice climbing areas within easy access from the road heads. Primarily, a winter sports, it is another mountain sports which is gaining prominence in Pakistan.

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