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Pakistan is a wonderland for shoppers. You may find exotic memorabilias and all sorts of household and luxurious items at reasonably low prices.

Click Here to EnlargeKarachi is indeed a shopping heaven. Sadder is the central shopping area in Karachi, it is spread around and between the two main streets. Abdullah Haroon road and Zaib-un-Nisa Street, and is about 1 km from south to north. It is fun to spend a few hours wandering through alleyways, where Victorian brick archietecture rub shoulders with modern concrete.. it is all very lively and noisy with a great variety of shops in a succession of different bazaar's each specializing in its own commodity. Going north upto Abdullah Haroon road, you first come to Zainab Market on the right. Inside we find dozen's of shop's, selling new copper's, Brass onyx, inlaid woodwork, lacquer work, hand block printed cloth's and applique bedspreads. Some shops sell excellent old emroided Sindhi cloth. Traditional wedding dresses with mirror embroidery work, leather garments and old tribal silver jewelry, Zainab market also sells very good, extremely cheap cotton shirts, and ready made shalwar kameez. A little further up Abdullah Haroon Road are the carpets shops. Click Here to EnlargeThey sell both, new Pakistani rugs and old tribal rugs, from Balochistan Afghanistan and Iran. Bhori bazaar is down the side lanes to the north of the carpet shops. It is the world with in itself. You walk down the narrow alleys ducking the cloth and clothing strung across for display. It is very photogenic. North again is the empress market, opened in 1889. This is the vast Victorian structure in Moghul Gothic style, with a clock tower, 50 meters high, housing hundred of shops and stalls. With in and around it are the meat and fish markets, fruit, and vegetable stalls. Section's of different Bazaar's specializing in different handicraft's and good's.

While in Lahore the Anarkali Bazaar is the most fascinating. The alleys and lanes of this bazaar are full of exciting wares, especially traditional crafts like leatherwear, embroided garments, glass bangles, beaten gold and silver jewelry, creation in silk- anything that you wish to bargain. It is named after the Akbar's Courtesan called Anarkali, Who, according to legend was put to death by Emperor Akbar for having a love affair with prince Salim, Later known as Jehangir. Old brass and copper are another good buy from the shops around the Charing Cross.Click Here to Enlarge Some good buys can be found in the brass bazaar in the old city but it is difficult to find and is usually unpolished or still coated in tin. Brass is poisonous and cannot be used for food until tinned. Other Shopping areas in Lahore may include the Sarafa Bazaar, Copper and Brass Bazaar, Kashmiri Bazaar, Liberty Market etc.

While in the city Multan, the Mangoes of Shujabad district are the best in the world. Apart from this, Multani khussa (shoes); embroidered clothes for ladies; embroidered cholas for men; earthenware pottery, painted potter, camel skin ware (e.g. lamps); carpets wooden products, especial lacquered wood are all best buys for tourists.

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