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Wild Life & Bird Watching

Click Here to EnlargePakistan is endowed with a rich variety of native animals and migratory birds. It's varied topography and climate accommodates a great range of fauna in the world. To preserve the nature and wildlife, there have been several areas declared as national parks. In these parks there are great chances to see the animals & birds in the natural environment.

There are several kinds of birds and animals in Pakistan with few following worth to mention. The Brown Bear, Common Otter, Alpine Weasel, Stoat, Lynx, White-toothed Shrew, Persian Wild Goat, Sand Fox, Sand Cat, Gazelle, Click Here to EnlargeFishing Cat, Hog Deer, Pangolin, Rhinoceros, Leopard Cat, Grey Goral, Barking Deer, Wild Goat, Ibex, Markhor, Wild Ass, Himalayan Beer, and several kinds of Sheep.

In the list of birds, apart from native species, one can watch several migratory birds while participating in this program. Being situated on one of the major routes from Central Asia and Siberia known as the Indus Fay Way No. 04, Pakistan is an important haunt for the migratory waterfowl.

A number of lakes, ponds, marshes, canals and rivers make Click Here to Enlargeidea wetland habitat for the waterfowl and offer excellent harbour to a large variety of migratory population during each winter. Haleji, a lake near Karachi has been declared, as Wetland Bird Sanctuary while Keenjhar in Sind, Ochali in Sakesar and Chasma are few to mention among several other important places. Some birds likely to be watched en tour are Flamingos, Sea Gulls, species of Duck, Whimbrel, Egrets, Jacana, Eagle, Herons, Falcon, Koonj, Whimbrel, Goose, Cormorat, Hubara Bustard, Sandgrouse, Bee Eater, King Fisher and many others.

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