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Upcoming Events

Nanga Parbat Golden Jubilee ( 1953 - 2003 ) Celebrations

Nanga Parbat was conquered in 1953 by the famous climber Herman Buhl while climbing as a member of a German climbing team led by Dr. Karl Maria Herligkoffer.

In the year 2003, this is going to be fifty years to its first climb and the Club has planned to celebrate this unique event and has designed several programs. The basic idea to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Nanga Parbat is to pay a tribute to the climbing & support team of 1953, who climbed Nanga Parbat and made the history.

It will also commemorate the daring and brave attempts of the climbers of early days, who made valiant attempts in most unfavouring conditions, with very basic quality equipment and without modern and sophisticated technology.

Our program includes,

  • A seminar in Islamabad

  • A marathon to Nanga Parbat base camp ( Raikot Face )

  • Climbing - Ganalo Peak ( 6608 m ) in Nanga Parbat massif

For participation and for details of these programs, please contact at

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