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Common Diseases

A sickness or injury in a remote area can be very dangerous and harmful for the whole group even happening to an individual. In such areas no facility of a doctor or hospital is available, so trekking groups or individuals are recommended to keep a good quantity of basic medicines and a first aid kit with them. In this regard one should have the basic know how to provide first aid in emergency. It is strongly recommended that at least one member of the trekking team should have some first aid training or some experience of nursing.

Prevention is the best cure so one should try to avoid an attack of sickness or injury. However some basic medicines for common diseases/injuries should be included in the medical kit while quantity of the medicines will depend on the size of group and length of time of trekking/travelling. Here is a list of diseases to be kept in consideration while preparing a medical kit.

  • headache
  • flu
  • pains
  • stomach disorder
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • fever
  • malaria
  • allergy
  • gastric
  • blisters, cuts & burns
  • dehydration
  • stings
  • strained/pulled muscles

Some general vitamins, spray or lotion for insects/fleas/bugs and eye and ENT drops are recommended to be included in the medical box. For the protection of skin, a good quality sun block lotion/crème and a lip balm for lips is also necessary to carry.

Since the source of drinking water is uncertain so water purification tablets or drops are a great deal of help to avoid several stomach and throat disorders.

Apart from the medicines for common diseases, following items are required in the first aid kit,

  • cotton bandage
  • crepe bandage
  • cotton wool
  • band aid plaster
  • sticking plaster
  • tincture or any anti-germ liquid/lotion
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pair of tweezers

People having chronic diseases should carry their particular medicines.

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