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Out in the Wilds

Tired of a mundane and routine-ridden life? Head for the great outdoors and enjoy the excitement of living close to nature. Here are some ideas to make your camping trip a great experience.

  1. Obtain complete information regarding the area you are going to camp in and plan accordingly.

  2. Make a packing list of the things you need.

  3. Personal items, like clothes for the trip, should be simple, rugged yet comfortable, and suited to the weather and terrain. Don't forget an extra supply of toiletries.

  4. Food should be semi-cooked, dried or canned.

  5. If possible, take a lightweight stove for cooking and a set of cooking and eating utensils.

  6. Take ample supplies of potable water.

  7. Other useful things that should be taken are a first-aid kit, insect repellents, a map, a compass, a battery-powered lantern, a sheath knife, a small axe, a waterproof torch, batteries, a camera with films, ropes, waterproof matches, backpacks, sleeping bags and a tent with extra poles.

  8. Take an extra supply of garbage bags so that you do not litter the campsite.

  9. Choose a shaded campsite, on high, dry ground that drains easily, away from thick tree growths but near a good supply of water and firewood.

  10. Extinguish your campfire completely every time you leave your campsite.

  11. Respect wildlife in the area.

  12. Maintain a journal to record your camping adventures.

Happy Camping!

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