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Earthquake in North of Pakistan & Azad Kashmir:

On the 8th. of October and 2nd. of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak, the most unfortunate incident in history of the country occurred, when the areas of Kohistan, Hazara Division, Kaghan Valley and Azad Kashmir were destroyed by an earthquake of 8.7-Richter scale. Among the several places of Alai, Kala Dhaka and Kohistan district, the towns and cities of Balakot, Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot were completely razed.

This miserable and unfortunate incident resulted in hundred of thousands of deaths and loss of property in effected areas. The Government of Pakistan, private organizations and individuals tried to help the people in every possible shape. However, the scale of the devastation is beyond imagination and to rehabilitate them, will be a mammoth job. We wish and pray for the best for the effected people.

The Club Member’s Participation in the Relief Activities:

It’s a matter of great satisfaction that most of the Club members extended their cooperation and assistance in this moment of sorrow, without any request. Initially Mr. Tariq Rasheed from Lahore, arranged two trucks of necessities to be distributed. Then, Mr. Khalid Sajjad ( Islamabad ) and Mr. Imran ( Islamabad ) contributed in shape of cash, while Mr. Siddique Mirza, contributed clothes, beddings and medicines.

Mr. Razi-ud-Din Khan and Mr. Tayyab Syed reached at Balakot and Siran Valleys respectively and actively participated in relief work.

Mr. Sajjad Sheikh did a great job and apart from the things to distribute, he managed to bring three doctors and done a very important job in early days of incident. We specially appreciate and thank Dr. Itrat Hina ( Lahore / Jhang ), who was the only young lady doctor, actively providing medical help to injured people. She hiked up the hills and valleys around Balakot in extremely difficult conditions. The other members of the team were Mr. Asad Shah, Dr. Khalid and Dr. Tanveer. Mr. Sajjad Sheikh has made three trips to the effected areas and once again gearing to go for the distribution of fresh supplies. His contribution in relief work is appreciated.

Mr. Nasir Mehmood and Mrs. Farah Mehmood reached Balakot with loads of supplies and established a camp on behalf their institute, which has distributed tons of items and is still active in Kaghan Valley. Their contribution and dedication is laudable.

Mr. Wajahat Malik is actively working in Kaghan Valley in various capacities, mainly coordinating and guiding various organizations to work in proper direction.

Mr. Noman Hamid Khan came from Karachi and contributed handsome monetary aid. After a few days’ break to Karachi, he once again is working dedicatedly in Kaghan Valley. His contribution is tremendous and worth praising.

Ms. Amna Khan and Mrs. Amtul Aala visited to Mansehra and Balakot to meet with the effected families and to distribute some items among children.

Mr. Muzaffar Imran came from Germany to assist the relief activities of the NGO, Humanity First and stayed in Muzaffarabad for about 10 days, while Mr. Wasif from China and Mr. Abdul Hayee from USA called and made efforts to collect funds at their local level.

2006 - Visit Pakistan Year:

The year 2006 has been announced as Visit Pakistan Year by the ministry of tourism. Since these kind of programs have already been announced a few times and had to cancel, due to non preparation, again this has been announced at a very unsuitable time, as we have only few weeks at hand to advertise this program.

The ministry of tourism has published a Calendar of Events for the year 2006, which again shows lack of planning and preparation. It is expected that another event will go waste as the whole program is just filler and there is no proper program and incentives to attract the tourists.

Trekking – Biafo & Hispar Glaciers:

As per the schedule, a trekking program for K2 base camp was announced but due to the interest of members, the plan was changed to Biafo / Hispar and Snow Lake. A team of 3 members crossed the Hispar Pass at 5151m, successfully.

Trip – Fairy Meadows:

The same team of Biafo / Hispar made a trip to Fairy Meadows and to the base camp of Nanga Parbat. Their program was followed by the thrilling crossing of Butogah Pass at 4100 m, entering to Kaghan Valley.

World Tourism Day – 2005:

On 27th. September, a routine program was organized by the PTDC and Ministry of Tourism at hotel Flashmans – Rawalpindi.

Rock Climbing – Khanpur
Visit - Mohra Murado Site, Cave and Dharmarajika Stupa

A team of Club members and guests visited Khanpur for Rock Climbing. The rock climbing session was conducted by Mr. Khalid Sajjad, while Mr. Adnan from Lahore, Mr. Imran and Mr. Majad from Islamabad participated in the program. Later on, the same team visited the sites of Mohra Murado and Dharmarajika at Taxila and also explored the cave above the Mohra Murado site.

Rock Climbing – Margalla Hills

A 5 members team made an evening adventure at Shahdarra Rocks. Mr. Khalid Sajjad conducted the program and performed some free / lead climb on vertical cliffs.


An exclusive 20 days program from 7th. to 26th. May 2006 is being announced to visit Nepal, where we will visit the base camp of Mount Everest. The tour cost will be announced after getting some special rates from Nepal and after finalization of the strength of team. The last date for the confirmation for participation is 8th. April 2006. For details of the program, please feel free to contact the Club at given email address.

New Memberships

AC – 204 Mr. Ehsan Awan, Karachi

Ehsan Awan, introduced through the website, has showed great interest in adventure activities. Professionally he is associated with pharmaceutical business and travels frequently countrywide.

Ehsan seems to be a dedicated adventurer and a nature lover. His enthusiasm and active participation will not only strengthen the Club’s activities but will be a marvelous addition in our Karachiite members. ( Introduced through the website\adventureclub )

AC – 205 Mr. Noman Hameed Khan, Karachi

Noman, joining the Club very late but has already been participating actively in various activities in past. Rock Climbing at Khanpur Rock and the world’s longest glacial track i.e. Biafo & Hispar through the Snow Lake is already on his credit.

Noman is doing his private business after completing his studies and is keen to participate in all kind of activities, if time permits. He is joining the Club along with his spouse, Summaiya! which will be a good addition as we have already few couples in the Club. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan, AC 101 – Islamabad )

AC – 206 Mrs. Summaiya Noman Khan, Karachi

Summaiya is studying computer science in Karachi. Being a first cousin and wife of Noman Khan, a genuine vagabond and adventure seeker by nature, we expect her participation in Club’s activities, especially in family programs.

Dear Summaiya, we wish you good luck and welcome to the family of The Adventure Club!!! ( Introduced by Mr. Noman Hameed Khan, AC 205 – Karachi )

AC – 207 Mr. Imran Arshad, Chenab Nagar

Imran, a real adventure and sports lover has been participating in Club’s programs for the last couple of years. Though his special interest includes rock climbing, cycling and rowing but he seems always available for any outdoor activity. We expect a lot from him for the Club and welcome him, cordially. ( Introduced by Mr. Khalid Sajjad, AC 187 – Islamabad )

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