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8000 Meters High Peaks of World
By Tahir Imran Khan

Report of expedition Ev-K2 1987 By Prof. Ardito Desio Milano - Italy 1988, published under caption “Which is the highest mountain in the World?”

There are fourteen 8000 meters high peaks in the world. The heights of these peaks have been mentioned different in various books so the most authentic source of information has been used to avoid confusion.

In 1987, Prof. Ardit Desio ( a famous scientist and leader of the Italian team who scaled K-2 in 1954 for the first time ) measured the mountains with modern and latest equipment and announced the change in height of few mountains, which was reported to UIAA for confirmation but the changes have not been made in national maps of Nepal, Pakistan & China and in most of the guidebooks and famous websites.

Since his report is the latest and considered as the most authentic source of information, we are giving the revised heights for the interest of adventure enthusiasts.

S. No. Name Height Mountain Country
01 Mount Everest 8848 Himalayas Nepal / Tibet (China)
02 K-2 (or Godwin Austen) 8616 Karakoram Pakistan / Tibet (China)
03 Kanchenjunga 8586 Himalayas Nepal / Sikkim
04 Lhotse 8516 Himalayas Nepal
05 Makalu 8463 Himalayas Nepal
06 Cho Oyo 8201 Himalayas Nepal / Tibet (China)
07 Dhaulagiri 8167 Himalayas Nepal
08 Mansalu 8163 Himalayas Nepal
09 Nanga Parbat 8125 Himalayas Pakistan
10 Annapurna 8091 Himalayas Nepal
11 Gasherbrum - I (or Hidden Peak) 8068 Karakoram Pakistan
12 Broad Peak (or Falcon Kangri) 8060 Karakoram Pakistan
*13 Gasherbrum - II 8035 Karakoram Pakistan
14 Shisha Pangma (or Xixabangma or Gosainthan) 8013 Himalayas Tibet (China)

* Generally Gasherbrum-II is listed on number 14 in most of the books and the height of Shisha Pangma has been described as 8046 meters but according to the report of Dr. Ardit Desio, G-II is 13th highest peak in world ranking.

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