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Newsletter - Oct to Dec 2002

Adventure News

Issue No:19

Dear Members,

Happy Christmas, Eid & New Year!

The year 2002 was an average year as far as the activities of the Club are concerned. However the highlighted news is the successful trekking of Ghondoghoro La by Nasir & Farah's team ( details below ).

The year was declared as International Mountains Year as well but due to the unfortunate political unrest in the region, tourism activities were bare minimum. Few activities by various organizations were taken place just as a formality.

  • Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Nanga Parbat:
    To pay a tribute to the climbing & support team of 1953, who climbed Nanga Parbat and made the history, we suggest celebrating the year 2003 as Nanga Parbat Golden Jubilee Year. It will also commemorate the daring and brave attempts of the climbers of early days, who made valiant attempts in most unfavouring conditions, with very basic quality equipment and without support of modern and advance technology.

  • Silver Jubilee - First Ascent of K-2 by Pakistan:
    A quarter century past, Ashraf Aman, member of a Pak/Japan team climbed K-2 and got honour of being the first Pakistani to stand atop. This was also only second success on K-2 after its first in 1954 by Italians. We congratulate the distinguished climber on achieving this great feat and to hoist Pakistani flag on K-2.

  • Concordia Ghondoghoro La Trek:
    A belated program of last year of our adventurous family group led by Nasir & Farah, completed this year as they completed trekking along with Saba and a new team member Wasif.

    Nasir, Farah and Saba has the distinction to complete trekking Mazino Pass as well, making Farah & Nasir, the first Pakistani couple to complete these technical routes and Farah & Saba as first Pakistani sisters to achieve the same. Hats off for their courageous attempt, we congratulate them and hope another great success from them in the forthcoming season.

  • Rock Climbing Program at Chenab Rocks:
    The Hiking Association organized a rock climbing introductory program where several youngsters participated with great interest. The enthusiast youth are doing rock climbing on regular basis and a fresh lot of rock climbers is expected from this association. Mr. Qamar Suleman is patronizing the programs with the assistance of Mr. Sajjad Ahmed.

  • Rock Climbing - Shah Darra Valley:
    A new pitch was explored in Shah Darra near Islamabad. Mr. Wasif & Muzaffar made the route and it is expected that it will be a good alternative venue in Margalla Hills for practice.

  • Wildlife Watching at Khirthar National Park:
    A very interesting and unique program was organized to watch Ibex and Urials at Khirthar National Park - Sind. The animals are well protected and measures to stop poaching and hunting are praise worthy. The park is considered as the best place in the world for Ibex and Urial, while several other species of animals are also inhabited there.

  • Visit - Chaukandi & Taung Graveyards:
    Chaukandi near Karachi and Taung near Hyderabad are the unique graveyards with artistically decorated graves with yellow sandstone. Mostly the graves belong to the era, dating back four to five hundred years. The patterns and carvings on graves are eye catching and alluring. These places of historical importance require a special attention from the concerned authorities as this marvellous heritage is in run down condition and might vanish without proper care and custody.

  • Visit - Baluchistan:
    Baluchistan, the largest province of Pakistan is the least visited region among tourists and visitors. A visit to study wildlife and Juniper forests was made covering the towns of Khuzdar, Hub, Ziarat, Jungle Pir Ali Zai, Chaman and Quetta. An advance study tour is expected in near future for details.

New Memberships:

  • AC - 178 Ms. Shaheen Siddiqui, Karachi
    Ms. Shaheen Siddiqui, a teacher by profession has a great love for mountains and to explore new places. Shaheen has great programs to tour worldwide and initially thinking to visit Nepal and to do Annapurna trek. We welcome her and expect that she will be a good addition in our team. ( Introduced by Mr. Nazir Sabir Honorary Member )

  • AC - 179 Syed Ata-ul-Rehman, Chenab Nagar
    Ata-ul-Rehman, a student with basic experience of camping and trekking is an ambitious youngster with a special love for cycling. We wish him a bright future and expect his contribution in adventure activities. ( Introduced by Mr. Anwar Ahmad Khan - AC - 016 )

  • AC - 180 Mr. Muhammad Noman Sami, Chenab Nagar
    Noman is a new entry in the Club, without any previous experience but with a lure for trekking and cycling. By participation in our activities, we expect that he will prove himself as an active member of the Club. ( Introduced by Mr. Anwar Ahmad Khan - AC - 016 )

  • AC - 181 Mr. Muhammad Idrees, Chenab Nagar
    Mr. Idrees has been participating in various activities and has a good experience of trekking in northern areas. Apart from camping and trekking, he has a special interest in cycling as well. We welcome him and expect his active participation in Club's activities in future. ( Introduced by Mr. Anwar Ahmad Khan - AC - 016 )

  • AC - 182 Mr. Abdul Samad, Chenab Nagar
    Mr. Samad has a vast experience of traveling in northern areas with an additional experience of organizing trips. By profession, he is a teacher of history with several other assignments as incharge of sports and college magazine etc. He has a good experience of traveling abroad as well. We expect his best cooperation in various disciplines and management of the Club. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan - AC - 101 )

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