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Newsletter - Jan to Mar 2003

Adventure News

Issue No:20

January 2003

  • Wildlife Watching Program:
    A team of two members of the Club visited Khar, Khirthar and Chiltan Hazar Ganji Parks to watch Ibex, Urial and various kinds and deer and gazelles. It was a very interesting and informative study tour and in future other national parks will be visited for research and recreation purposes.

  • Rock Climbing at Chenab Rocks:
    Rock climbing program at Chenab Rocks was attended by a good number of participants. We hope that the activity will continue and a good team of young rock climbers will establish, very soon.

February 2003

  • Trekking - Naran & Lake Saif-ul-Muluk:
    The adventure family Nasir & Farah alongwith two guest fellows visited Naran in the month of February in extreme snow conditions. Their trip was successful and they have produces some great pictures of Naran Valley buried under snow.

  • Rock Climbing at Chenab Rocks
    The announced program was completed successfully. While participating this program Saba & Danish, the new kids completed the climb with great courage and stamina. We expect them as an asset for the Club in future.

March 2003

  • Snow Trekking - Nathiagali to Thandiani
    Snow Trekking - Manoor Valley
    Two groups made these programs. We haven't received their reports so far and the details will be published in next issues as earliest as we get the report from them.

  • Skiing

    Mr. Wasif has sent this interesting report of his latest ski adventure, which is being included for the interest of all members.

    " Skiing... well where do I start from. I think I should define it first "the act of putting on skis and gliding over snow, or at least making the effort of "gliding over" rather than "tumbling" all over.

    Skiing this year was simply beautiful. The location was Mallam Jabba, which is probably the best resort of its kind in Pakistan in terms of the facilities offered. Let me explain what I mean by this statement by highlighting the salient features of Mallam Jabba. Situated in the Swat Valley at a height of 9 to 10 thousand feet, it's a resort that was developed primarily for skiing and winter sports. It boasts a modest hotel (a bit on the expensive side), a training slope equipped with a lift and a bigger slope almost 2 miles long again equipped with a chair lift. Apart from this the main advantage is probably that it is relatively accessible as compared to Naltar and being at a reasonable height there is almost always some snow there. Another advantage is that it is now being recognized and accepted as a skiing site by the locals.

    The skiing season is over for this year, but it was fun as long as it lasted we had good snow this year so we could make more than one trip up there. There was also some improvement in the management of the ski slopes although there is still room for improvement. The main change apparent this year was the marking of the slope area and the presence of police guards both of these changes were aimed at stopping the locals or non-skiers from walking on to the slope.

  • Photography Tour - Rohtas Fort:
    Farah is using her new digital camera in the best way and her collection is expanding now with variety of topics, while Nasir's collection of transparencies is worth watching. This time both of them visited Rohtas Fort to shoot the renovation work at Rohtas.

  • Messner Visits Pakistan:
    On a brief tour to Pakistan, the renowned climber held a news conference, where he announced his full cooperation in program to celebrate Nanga Parbat Golden Jubilee. Regarding present political conditions and a deadlock in inbound tourism, he said that Northern Areas are the safest place on the earth for tourists. A member of European Parliament and a Friend of Pakistan, the legendary climber added that he will participate in various programs in several countries and will advertise the program of Nanga Parbat, worldwide.

  • Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Nanga Parbat - 2003:
    For the said program the Club has announced two major events i.e. Himalayan Marathon & Climbing Ganalo Peak - 6608m. The programs have been sent to all the members with hope to have your maximum contribution in these programs. For details please write to

New Memberships

  • AC - 183 Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed Syed, Islamabad
    Member of an adventure family, he is the third member of the Club from the same family. Muzaffar has already participated in several programs of the Club, especially in Rock Climbing at Khanpur, Shah Darra, Islamabad and at Chenab rocks. A student of IT, with a lust for adventure, he will prove himself as a productive member of the Club. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan - AC - 101 )

  • AC - 184 Ms. Sabah-un-Noor Khan, Chenab Nagar
    Ms. Sabah participated in our rock climbing program and showed great interest and courage to climb a technical pitch at Chenab Rocks. A student of 9th. class and a hafizah of Quran-e-Pak, she has a great interest in adventure activities. We welcome her and expect her active participation in Club's activities. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan - AC - 101 )

  • AC - 185 Mr. Danish Ahmad Khan, Chenab Nagar
    Another member of an adventure family as his sister Sabah has proved her skill in rock climbing, Danish has also participated in rock climbing and hiking programs. A young student of 8th. class and an active sportsman, he is a good addition in kid's team of the Club. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan - AC - 101 )

  • AC - 186 Mr. Wasif Ali, Islamabad
    A multi faceted adventure soul, Wasif has an all round love in adventure activities. An engineer and an educationist by profession, he is actively participating in rock climbing, trekking, cycling, skiing and swimming etc. etc. Already crossed Ghondoghoro La in 2002, he has an unlimited list of activities to perform in future. We wish him best of luck and expect his optimum for the Club. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan - AC - 101 )

  • AC - 187 Mr. Khalid Sajjad, Chenab Nagar
    Khalid Sajjad is a student of BCS and has a keen interest in various adventure activities. He has already done few treks, cycling programs and rock climbing and also organize rock climbing programs for Hiking Association of Majlis-e-Sehat. A very active and all time available adventure enthusiast will strengthen our team in future. ( Introduced by Mr. Tahir Imran Khan - AC - 101 )

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