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Aims & Objectives

The basic concept to establish this private, non-commercial sports organization is to promote healthy adventure activities, especially camping, trekking and climbing etc.

The other objectives are as follows,

  • To make concrete efforts to minimize the increasing rate of pollution in mountains
  • To create awakening among public at large regarding protection of wildlife
  • To create sense of utility of forests and to avoid deforestation
  • To develop the sense of importance of adventure sports in youth
  • To restrict youths from narcotics by offering them healthy activities
  • To collect and publish authentic information regarding areas, altitudes and distances
  • To train its members and produce camp councilors and professional guides
  • To provide assistance to its members and to others regarding arrangement of their expeditions
  • To provide technical assistance to other clubs, organizations & individuals
  • To promote family & children adventure activities combining with general tourism
  • To explore new dimensions in adventure tourism

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