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Thrill of adventure and love of nature always push to explore remote and far-flung areas and to find new destinations. To face the hardships of such kind of experience and in order to quench the thirst of a vagabond instinct; there are several activities in the world, which can be included in the category of adventure. The list has no limits, as there is no definition of Adventure. Simply, when a person sets foot out of his home, the adventure starts.

In Pakistan, mountain climbing, rock climbing, trekking/hiking, skiing, hot air ballooning, paragliding, canoeing sailing, rafting and mountain biking etc. are known only in a small circle of enthusiasts.

There are several reasons for the non-popularity of such kind of activities in Pakistan. For example insufficient published material or information, lack of education and training schools and non-availability of the equipment are few to mention.

About two decades earlier, a group of friends started to visit famous tourist areas which later on turned into soft adventures, like day hikes and camping etc. The group kept on visiting famous areas of Pakistan, which includes northern areas of Pakistan and visits to historical and archaeological sites in southern Pakistan. The group visited lush green and fertile valleys of north, hiked through the deserts of Cholistan and Thar, walked in barren & arid lands of Baluchistan, experienced some difficult jeep tracks on ordinary motorbikes and did some soft tracks as well.

After the broadening of activities and increase in group members, it was considered to establish a regular organization, which may provide basic information to its members and to others, to provide some basic equipment to its members and to organize some amateur expeditions on regular basis.

" The Adventure Club - Pakistan " was the banner selected for the club with the basic objective to introduce and promote adventure activities in Pakistan, especially among youth.

Now, the Club announces several programs for the interest of people of all age groups and with diversified range of activities on annual basis. The multi dimensional activities of the Club do not offer only trekking & camping programs but also carries the credits to train youth for camping, trekking and rock / ice climbing etc.

Though the activities of the Club are adventuresome and recreational but are based on education oriented objectives. The most important thing to be emphasized in the programs of the Club is social & ecological conservation of the area visited.

For adventure and fun the Club organized trekking programs for K-2 Ghonodoghoro La, Biafo & Hispar glaciers and Mazino Pass while with serious objectives, the Club established free medical camps, organized cleaning programs in various regions and have participated in plantation programs etc.

For advanced technical training, the Club schedules training camps and the members also participate in training courses conducted by other reputed organizations.

For further details, please find the Aims & Objectives of the Club and annual Schedule of Activities, while the quarterly Newsletter keeps aware of the activities of the Club and other relevant news.

The Club, welcome people from all walks of life to participate in our socio-adventure activities, without any barrier of age, gender, cast or creed.

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