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Kot Diji

Click Here to EnlargeKot Diji is situated between Ranipur and Khairpur on the highway from Hyderabad, at the east bank of the Indus close to Rohri. The discovery of Kot Diji provides the evidence that there is a civilization before Harappa and Moenjodaro. Archaeologists say that the discovery of this pre-historic site has furnished information of high significance since it pushed back the pre-historics of Pakistan by atleast another 300 years from about 2,500 B.C. to 2,800 B.C. Evidence of new cultural elements of pre-Harappan and pre-Moenjodaro time has been found at Kot Diji. Excavations have proved that the Indus Valley Civilizations borrowed or developed some of the basic cultural elements of the Kot Dijians.

The site consists of two parts: one comprising of the citadel area on the high ground where the ruling elite lived and an outer area inhabited by common man. The Kot Diji culture is marked by well-furnished, well-made pottery and houses built of mud-bricks on solid stone foundations.Click Here to Enlarge In fact, the Kot Dijian ceramics, though different in form and technique, are in no way less artistic than the sophisticated back-on-red pottery of Harappans.

The Harappans borrowed some of the basic cultural elements from Kot Dijians. The Harappan decoration designs, such as the "fish scale " intersecting circles and the piped leaf pattern were all evolved from the Kot Dijian decorated elements like the horizontal and wavy lines, loops and simple triangular patterns. There is, however, no proof yet of the place or the region from where these Kot Dijians arrived in The Indus Valley. There is so much to see and explore that tourists and researchers find themselves lost in a never ending excursion of a rich archeological past.

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