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Malam Jabba

8'700 feet above sea level, Malam Jabba Ski Resort stands on top of a mountain of the Hindukush range, north east of Saidu Sharif.

Click Here to EnlargeSurrounded by mighty Karakorams and stunning black mountains, Malam Jabba is more than just a Ski Resort. It is a holiday resort that caters to all interests and is also known to host the remains of ancient civilizations. It offers a host of facilities to travelers like; 2 skiing platforms, Chair-lifts, Roller/Ice Skating rinks, Restaurant offering both local and international cuisine, Telephone facility, Snow clearing equipment etc. Situated on one of the most important offshoots of the Karakoram Highway, Malam Jabba is 314 km from Islamabad and 51 km from Saidu Sharif Airport on Saidu Sharif-Kalam Road. The road diverts right from Manglor to Malam Jabba.

Malam Jabba is a part of Swat valley, which sprawls over 10,360 sq.km. This area has been inhabited for over 2000 years and is known to be as the cradle of Buddhism. The area has also been the battle ground for many battles of Alexander The Great. The area is full of mighty ranges of Hindukush, the Karakoram and Black Mountains, gentle slopes, placid plains, torrential streams and unlimited sights.

Click Here to EnlargeMalam Jabba is a summer cum ski resort the idea for the resort is given by the Ambassador of Austria in 1962, the project was completed in two years and the cost incurred on the project was 120 million. The place gets 6 to 10 feet of average snowfall annually.

The main attractions of the resort are ski and chair lift. Chair lift can carry 56 pax to the height of 10500 feet; a separate chair lift is also available for beginners. Along with this Helipad and indoor game facilities are also available.

The enchantment of Malam Jabba goes beyond its natural beauty. The 2000 year old archeological remains situated at an altitude of 2600 feet above sea level includes 2 Buddhist stupas and 6 monasteries, it scatters over the slope opposite to the main structure of the ski resort, measuring about 310 meters north to south and 500 meters east to west.

The main stupa uncovered in these remains depicts a circular plinth, with molding. Click Here to EnlargeIts diameter is 13.01 meters and the maximum surviving height is 1.50 meters. The lower wall gently curves inwards along with this, there is a small projection that steps out to a short distance at the base of the actual stupa.

Still more historical sightseeing lies 1 km from Malam Jabba - the ancient mound. It is surrounded on all 4 sides by mountain slopes characterized by slabs of schist. A water spring, which must have been used in the past also, is the main attraction for those charmed by health effects of fresh spring water.

Besides these sights, Malam Jabba boasts off two major trekking treks paved amidst beautiful scenery. One trek winding through Ghorband valley and Shangla top, is 18 km from the resort. It is a jeepable trek overlooking the Miandam settlement and reaches Shangla top in 1- hours from where adventure seekers can proceed to the Karakoram highway. The other major track leads to Saboney valley, 17 km from the resort through thick Pine forest and peach and apple orchards. If Malam Jabba and its surroundings have already began to charm you, then you must visit the site and experience the enchantment!

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