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Welcome to Pakistan - The Land of Many Splendors

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Gurdwara Panja Sahib (Hasanabdal)

Click Here to EnlargeHasan Abdal is a small town and a railway station along the main Lahore-Peshawar railway line in (Attock) district. Close to it is a spring of cool, clean water which according to tradition was created by Guru Nanak Dev. It is said that the Guru arrived here at the end of his tour of West Asia.

According to Sikh historian, the Guru sent Mardana thrice to the Wali to drink and fetch some water, but every time the latter refused to oblige Click Here to Enlargesaying that the would not help a Muslim (Mardana was a Muslim) who followed a 'Hindu' Guru. Guru Nanak then asked Mardana to remove a stone nearby from there water sprang forth. At the same time Wali Kandhari's water reservoir went completely dry. Wali Kandhari, infuriated by the 'Hindu's' miracle, rolled down a rock towards the latter. Guru Nanak Dev, sitting unruffled, merely extended his right arm towards the rolling rock. Not only the rock stopped dead, his open palm made an imprint on it as if it was made of molten wax. Wali Kandhari, impressed by the miracle came down and bowed before the Guru seeking his pardon and blessing.

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