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Welcome to Pakistan - The Land of Many Splendors

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Distance Chart

Airport Distance From Karachi Airport
Athens4320 Kilometers
Bahrain1661 Kilometers
Bangkok3701 Kilometers
Bombay876 Kilometers
Buenos Aires14716 Kilometers
Cairo3556 Kilometers
Copenhagen5537 Kilometers
Frankfurt5690 Kilometers
Hong Kong4775 Kilometers
Johannesburg7041 Kilometers
London6334 Kilometers
Madrid6658 Kilometers
Manila5716 Kilometers
Montreal11241 Kilometers
Moscow4202 Kilometers
Nairobi4367 Kilometers
New York11675 Kilometers
Paris6128 Kilometers
Peking (Beijing)4862 Kilometers
Rio de Janerio13004 Kilometers
Rome5303 Kilometers
San Francisco12983 Kilometers
Singapore4736 Kilometers
Sydney11003 Kilometers
Tehran1930 Kilometers
Tokyo6969 Kilometers
Vancouver11706 Kilometers

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