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Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistan is rich in variety of different kinds of foods. The specialties include Kababs, Dhals, Quormah, Tikkas and Nihari.

Kababs are mince dishes and have quite a few variations. Click Here to EnlargeRanging from Seekh Kabas to Koftas. With various other types in between. Seekh Kabas are elongated rolls of mince which are cooked on Skewers on a charcoal fire. Shami Kabab is mixture of mince meat and daal (pulses), both of which are ground together with spices and made into round flat patties, and then fried in oil. Chapli Kababs: A peshawari speciality, is only mince with spices made into patties and fried in oil too. Koftas are mince balls with various fillings. These are then cooked and served in a rich spicy gravy.

Besides this, Beef dishes are also quite popular. The most famous being the Qormah and the Nihari. Chicken Tikka (whole parts of chicken barbecued), Chicken Karahi, Chicken Musallam and Chicken Shashlik, are all renowned Chicken specialties. Click Here to EnlargeKattakat is a famous delicacy, made from sheep's brains, kidneys and liver. A thick soup made by boiling and stewing sheep or goat forelegs, is absolutely appetising.

Dips are very commonly used in Pakistan with every meal. The most popular types are Raita and Chutneys. Raita is a soothing dip made of yogurt, whereas chutney is hotter and spicer and is preferred by the more daring.

The most popular dessert is the Ice-Cream and Kulfi. Firni and Kheer are different versions of the same milk dish. Besides this, Shahi Tukray, and Halwa are also eaten with relish.

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