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Baltoro Trek


Quick Facts
Duration 28 Days
Best Time June - September
Difficulty Level Technical
Destinations Chilas | Skardu | Askoli | Concordia | Urdukas | Goro

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Sample Itinerary
Day 01

From Rawalpindi to Chilas by road, travelling on famous Karakoram Highway. (Overnight stay in Chilas).

Day 02

Chilas to Skardu. (Overnight stay in Skardu).

Day 03

Hire porters and purchase supplies in Skardu. Free time for sightseeing. (Overnight stay in K-2 Motel).

Day 04

Leave Skardu for the kick-off point at Askoli travelling by jeep and tractor through the beautiful Shighar Valley along with Braldu River (Overnight in Askoli village).

Day 05

Askoli to Camp Korofang. From today we enter total wilderness; nothing but glaciers, sand dunes and lofty mountains. A relatively easy day - some crossing of glaciers. Our campsite is situated on the far side of the Baifo Glacier with trees and fresh spring water.

Day 06

Korafang to camp Bardumal. Here we find numerous small streams and cross a hanging bridge which is usually out of repair, necessitating 2-3 day detour via the Darmundu Glacier to Bardumal. Otherwise, a fairly rough 8 to10 hours trek.

Day 07

Bardumal to camp Piayu (10,500 ft) Today's trek brings us to the bottom of the Baltoro Glacier. There are few streams to cross and some rocky portions, but otherwise the trail is not difficult. Paiyu is an ideal camp with spring water, wild flowers and trees. At Paiyu we have a rest day.

Day 08

Paiyu to camp Liliwa. From Paiyu we approach the famous Baltoro Glacier, which we will be crossing from today onwards (upto Concordia and back again). Liliwa Camp is situated off the glacier and offers superb views of Paiyu Peak and Trango Towers. It is a 6 hours ' walk.

Day 09

Liliwa to Camp Urdukas (13,000 ft) is another rough day with a steep up and down hill climb. The water crossings are difficult but the panorama is spectacular. Urdukas Camp is also located off the glacier and is one of the most beautiful campsites of the trek with views of Paiyu Peak, Trango Towers and Baltoro Cathedral.

Day 10

Urdukas to Camp Goro is tiring a 8-hour walk over loose stones and rubble. We camp on the glacier near the conjunction of the Muztagh and Baltoro Glaciers with a spectacular panorama of Muztagh Tower, Masherbrum and Gasherbrum-IV.

Day 11

Goro to Concordia (14,000 ft). Today's trek takes you to our goal - the legendary Concordia, dwarfed on all sides by the towering K-2, Broad Peak, the Gasherbrum Group, Golden Throne and Chogolisa. At Concordia the glaciers from all these peaks meet and flow towards Paiyu. The group will have two extra days at Concordia to explore the surroundings.

Day 14-27

Commence return journey via same route.

Day 28

Reach Rawalpindi.

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