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Trek From Chitral To Hunza And Gilgit


Quick Facts
Duration 21 Days
Best Time June - September
Difficulty Level Strenuous
Destinations Islamabad | Malakand | Chitral | Mastuj | Lasht | Kurambar | Chilinji | Ziarat | Chapursan | Karimabad | Chilas | Rawalpindi


Sample Itinerary
Day 01

Arrival at Islamabad. Hotel

Day 02

Drive over Malakand & Lowari pass 3118m to Chitral. Hotel

Day 03

Explore Chitral Forts , old bazaars for handicrafts & semi precious stones or a day visit to Kalash valley Hotel

Day 04

Drive through the Yarkhun valley to Mastuj. Camp at Mastuj Fort

Day 05

Drive to Sholkotch. Camp

Day 06

Trek crisscrossing the Yarkhun river to Mughal Mariru. Camp

Day 07

Trek through remote villages to Lasht. Camp

Day 08

Trek through a narrow valley with good side views of glaciers to the Wakhi settlement of Kishmanja. Camp

Day 09

Trek to Ishkarwarz on the Boroghil pass. Camp beyond the pass, which lies on the border between Pakistan & Afghanistan. The Oxus river beyond which lies the pamirs of Tajikistan is only 30 miles from here

Day 10

Trek to the Wakhi summer settlement of Qui Quildi. Camp

Day 11

Trek to Kurambar lake (4300m) one of the most beautiful high altitude lakes in the area camp

Day 12

Trek through Shuinj summer pastures & camp before Chatoboi Glacier.

Day 13

Trek crossing Chatoboi Glacier to Sukhtarabad. Camp

Day 14

Trek to Chilinji Jungle. Camp

Day 15

Trek Over Chilinji pass (5200m) & glacier to Baitar. Camp

Day 16

Trek to Babagundi Ziarat. Camp

Day 17

Trek through Chapursan river valley to Zudkhun. Camp

Day 18

Jeep via Soost to Karimabad Hunza. Hotel

Day 19

Drive through the Karakuram valley to Chilas. Hotel

Day 20

Drive to Rawalpindi. Hotel

Day 21

Flight home



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