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Excursions From Peshawar - The Khyber Pass

Weekend Getaways From Peshawar


Quick Facts
Duration 1 Days
Best Time September - April
Difficulty Level Easy
Destinations Khyber Agency | Khyber Pass | Islamia College | Peshawar


Sample Itinerary

Visit the office of the Political Agent, Khyber Agency, to collect the permit and a traditional guard (Khasadaar).


Departure for Khyber Pass. Enroute see important buildings including Islamia College, the Bab-e-Khyber (Khyber Gate), Jamrud Fort, Shagai Fort, Ali Masjid Fort and stop-over for splendid views and for photography.


Drive through Landi Kotal bazaar and reach Michini, the last view- point on Pak-Afghan border. Briefing and panoramic view of the border area.


Return to Peshawar.


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