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Ski And Snow

Click Here to EnlargeThere are number of areas in the Northern Pakistan, in both the high mountains of the Northern Areas and Chitral and in lower regions of Swat and Kaghan which can be developed as Ski and Snow Boarding sites. There are plenty of sites and opportunities available for cross country Skiing in the Northern Areas, Chitral, Kaghan and Swat, the precipitation and snow accumulation in the areas, except for the Northern Areas, being very high. Skiing has made a late start in Pakistan. At present best available Skiing areas are at Naltar near Gilgit, Burzil pass area and Ratu, near Astore, Distt Gilgit. There are few novice and nursery level skiing slopes available at Malam Jabba and improvised site at Ayubia in Murree hills off Islamabad.

Commercial skiing has recently been opened at Malam Jabba. 8'700 feet above sea level, Malam Jabba Ski Resort stands on top of a mountain of the Hindukush range, north east of Saidu Sharif. It is a wonderful tourist resort offering picturesque skiing landscapes. Malam Jabba is a summer cum ski resort the idea for the resort is given by the Ambassador of Austria in 1962, the project was completed in two years and the cost incurred on the project was 120 million. The place gets 6 to 10 feet of average snowfall annually. The main attractions of the resort are ski and chair lift.

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